Sunday, January 26, 2014

Buffalo Chicken Sub

Awhile back I cut this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Sub out of Food Network magazine. (The picture of the sub looked a heck of a lot better in the magazine than the one they've used on their website.) I made it tonight except that I skipped the carrots, celery, diced tomato topping and I also skipped the from-scratch ranch. Overall this was great. It was quite spicy so anyone who doesn't like a lot of spice should cut down the amount of wing sauce. One of the comments on the recipe page suggested using half wing sauce half tomato sauce to cut down on the heat. Not a bad idea. When I popped this under the broiler I thought it didn't have enough sauce but once it cooked the chicken gave off some juice and there was plenty of sauce. I also added provolone to the sandwiches.

I think the meat would be excellent on nachos with some shredded cheese and popped under a broiler! I'll have to try that some time! I also might use the leftovers to make buffalo chicken salad sandwiches!

This was the first recipe I've ever tried from Jeff Mauro and I am highly impressed!

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Caleb said...

Always great to find a recipe that you like, and that can be adapted to other recipes as well. Another recipe I will have to try.